Threading is an all-natural form of hair removal.  We use a simple thread, twist it, and catch the hairs in the twists of the thread.  This allows us to create a precise and beautiful shape to your brows.


Henna is an amazing technique that leaves your skin with beautiful designs! We use an all-natural ink derived from the henna plant and apply it in wonderful patterns on your skin. It goes on wet, and dries, flaking off to leave a nice tone to your skin. It lasts up to 1-2 weeks.


Got a special occasion or just want a new look? Our incredibly talented make-up artists can give you the look to suit any occasion, from proms, to weddings, to every day :)  Contact us here to do makeup for your special event!


Eyelashes provide a beautifully dramatic look, defining the eyes with a little bit of sexiness. We do 3 types of lashes:

  • Strip lashes go on in one piece and last 1-2 days

  • Group lashes go on in groups of about 10 lashes, and last up to 1 week, depending on care

  • Spa lashes go on individually and last up to 2 weeks, depending on care


While we specialize in threading, we find that many customers prefer waxing, and we are happy to accommodate! In addition to facial waxing, we also offer body waxing for a smooth, long-lasting hair removal.


Apply our eyebrow powder daily to accentuate your beautiful brow shape! This one is a game-changer: it looks great and is the finishing touch on your daily makeup routine!


We have hand-picked our favorite brow products for you. We offer a select line of mascaras, highlighting sticks, eye gels and more! Stop in and we'll help personalize your purchase to your needs.


Our Brow Arc Full Service Salons offer all of the Brow Arc services above, plus these:


Silky, luxurious, bouncy, and cute as a button....Our blowouts will get your hair there.  After a shampoo & condition with our amazing products, we give your hair the treatment it deserves! Whatever your desired look, we will make it happen.


A haircut can change your life.  We offer haircuts for women, men, and children.  After a brief consultation, we work with you throughout the process to give you the cut you want.


Beautiful hues for a beautiful you! Hair color is transformational.  Let our professional stylists give you the color you desire.  

hair products

We offer a full line of hair products, including Moroccan Oil and Alterna, and men's products too!