While we specialize in threading, we find that many customers prefer waxing, and we are happy to accommodate! In addition to facial waxing, we also offer body waxing for smooth, long-lasting hair removal.


Quick and easy

We're not gonna lie to you and say waxing is painless, but one of its main advantages is that it is quick.  We apply a warm wax and remove hairs strip by strip.  If you have no experience with waxing, please be aware that people have varying reactions to it.  We recommend each customer do some research and also do some skin trials to make sure waxing is right for you.  Most people are just fine :)


Facial waxing

Eyebrow     15
Lip               8
Sideburn     9
Chin            9
Full Face    45




If you are looking for hair removal for your arms, legs, or....ahem, other regions, we offer those.

Underarm    16+
1/2 Arm    25+
Full Arm    35+
1/2 Leg    35+
Full Leg    50+
Stomach    25+
Back    35+
Bikini    40+
Brazilian    70+
Full Body    165+


Waxing is offered at select Brow Arc locations.  Find out more on locations near you.