What to Consider when Considering Eyebrow Tinting

Tinted Eyebrow

Tinted Eyebrow

Is Eyebrow Tinting Right for You?

 If you are like most women, there may have been a time in your life when you plucked or even over-plucked your brows with tweezers. It may be that your brows just do not grow in as full as they used to.  Maybe you have been graced with naturally thick, beautiful eyebrows, but you have very light-colored hair. Let’s face it, blonde brows are impossible to see without the help of some type of brow makeup. Permanently tattooed brows are a thing of the past. Microblading is a bit pricy and just may not be in your budget. Not to mention, the process is lengthy.

You may want to consider Eyebrow Tinting as a solution to the painstaking task of applying brow makeup daily. While brow makeup is a quick fix, it is a only temporary solution used to enhance the natural brow shape. Brow makeup may or may not last throughout the day. Makeup alone surely won’t last through your workout, a night out dancing at the club or that random rainstorm you got caught in without your umbrella.

This is where Eyebrow Tinting comes in:

Brow tinting is the perfect semi-permanent solution for getting your eyebrows to pop without worrying about losing color throughout the day. We suggest going to a professional for best results.  Brow Tinting is the process of coloring your brow hair with a specially formulated dye. After the brow tint color is matched and selected, the tint is applied. Brow Tint takes about 5-10 minutes to process in the salon. If you want your tint to last a bit longer, you can select a shade darker than your optimum color, because it will fade over time. Once processing is complete, the tint is wiped away. . . and voila! The results are beautifully tinted brows that pop. Best of all, you won’t need any brow makeup for up to 2-4 weeks with proper care.

Tinting may slightly stain the skin behind the brow, but it only takes a couple of face washes to remedy that. Since brow tinting is just like hair dye, it only tints the brow hair. Your existing brows will be more defined, darker and clearly more visible without the need for additional brow makeup.

How to Care for Tinted Brows:

If you want to get the most out of your brow tint, we suggest keeping your freshly tinted brows dry for at least 12 hours. You may be tempted to wash or touch your brows, but the longer you give your brows to absorb the dye, the longer your brow tint will last.  

In order to maintain brow tint as long as possible, it is important to take care when washing your face. It is suggested to use a gentle gel or cream facial cleanser rather than oil- based cleansers. Gently wash your face and the brow area and avoid scrubbing them. It’s also a good idea to keep the shampoo off your face in the shower.

Since brow hair has a follicle, your brows will grow out. Depending on how quickly your brows grow in and the depth of color you choose, you may see lighter roots appearing after a week or two. It is a good idea to pick up a matching Tinted Brow Gel with your first tinting service. This will help keep your brows on fleek and evenly tinted until your next tinting service.

Eyebrow Henna as an Alternative to Brow Tint:

What is Henna and Where Does it Come From?

Henna is derived from the (Lawsonia inermis) plant, also known as Mehndi. Henna is an ancient form of body art in which beautiful designs are meticulously applied or painted on the skin. The Henna plant is crushed into powder and mixed into a paste. The Henna paste is then applied to the skin and allowed to dry. Once completely dry, the Henna flakes off, leaving its’ pigmented stain on the skin. Also known as Henna Tattoos, these designs can last on the skin anywhere from one to four weeks.

Historically used in celebration ceremonies, weddings or for personal adornment purposes, Henna tattoos have been a natural form of self-expression for centuries and has been a growing trend in United States since the early 1990’s.

Henna for Brows

We are super excited about this new beauty trend. Brow Henna is a safe, semi-permanent, chemical free form of brow tinting using only natural Henna. Eyebrow Henna is a great alternative to those with sensitivities or allergies to hydrogen peroxides or ingredients used in other brow tinting methods.

Applying Henna to Eyebrows

Applying Henna to Eyebrows

Brow Henna is also different than brow tinting because, Henna stains the hair and the skin behind and around the brow. Remember, brow tint only dyes your brow hairs. So, if you have sparse brows or brows that just don’t grow in very full, Brow Henna will help you achieve a fuller, more enhanced, beautiful brows that are all the rave.

Brow Henna is safe for all skin types and skin tones since the ingredients are all natural and plant based.

First, the skin to be treated is cleansed, and brows are shaped or threaded by one of our talented technicians. The Henna is mixed into a paste and applied to the entire brow and the area framing the brow, if you need to give your brows a thicker, fuller appearance.

Henna oil may be applied to the skin for optimum absorption of the Henna. Similar to the Henna Tattoo or Mehndi, the brow henna is allowed to dry and then removed from the skin and brow. You may feel like the brows are very dark at first, but don’t worry, they will lighten over time.