Eyebrow Threading and Eyebrow Shaping: What’s it all about?

Eyebrow Threading

Let’s talk about eyebrow threading.

It’s morning, you’ve washed your face and are standing in front of your mirror to get ready for the day. You notice the stray hairs around your eyebrows. Should I use the tweezers? No, that’ll take too long… my arm always gets tired… do I have time to get them waxed? Sure, waxing doesn’t take long, but kiss your make-up good-bye and forget reapplying on your tender skin. That’s where Brow Arc comes in.

So, what is eyebrow threading, anyway?

Eyebrow threading is the process of taming those brows and sculpting them into the perfect shape by removing excess or unwanted hair with a simple twist of cotton thread. Our talented eyebrow threading technicians skillfully twist cotton thread around their fingers and remove those stray hairs by the root with unmatched precision.

Why should I get my eyebrows threaded rather than getting them waxed?

Eyebrow threading is the safest way to remove unwanted hair from delicate and sensitive facial areas. There are no chemicals to irritate your skin or for our individual sensitivities to react to. There is no heat to potentially burn the skin, or sticky wax residue to deal with.

For those of us (regardless of age or gender) dealing with numerous products for acne or anti-aging can reap the benefits of eyebrow threading without the risk of burns, damage, or reactions from the skin. And, while it is preferred that skin is clean while having your eyebrows threaded (to prevent the risk of break outs from debris entering the hair follicle), if you’re on the go it won’t ruin your make-up you spent your precious time applying this morning.

Eyebrow threading is the most precise method of hair removal for brow shaping and brow arching because hairs are meticulously removed line by line, or one at time by a very skilled and precise eyebrow threading technician. No need for you to spend an hour in front of the mirror straining your eyes and arm with tweezers. 

If eyebrow threading is so much better than waxing and tweezing, why haven’t I heard about it before?

In the recent years, eyebrow threading has become much more mainstream as those taking advantage of the results of the art of threading have reaped the benefits.

Tweezing is simple – a pair of good tweezers doesn’t cost much, and they take up hardly any space in your bathroom, make-up bag, or drawer, and are great for a quick fix when you spot that one random hair on your chin or eyebrow. But let’s face it, tweezing a full set of brows that have been lacking maintenance is no easy task. It takes a long time, it seems like each brow has its own personality of its own, and might even belong to a different person entirely, and who wants to spend that much time leaned over the counter that close to their mirror?

Waxing is everywhere – at your nail salon, at your hair salon, most places that offer beauty services of any kind also offer waxing. While it’s great for larger areas of your body that you want silky smooth, the skin on our faces is extra sensitive and deserves that extra special care. Wax that is too hot can easily burn the skin. If left on for too long, it can remove more than just those stray hairs (yikes!). There are many different types of wax which greatly increases the risk of an unwanted reaction. Redness from waxing can last a long time. The hairs need to be just the right length for wax to properly adhere to it and remove it from the root without leaving stays behind or breaking the hair rather than removing it.

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Eyebrow threading holds about the same amount of discomfort as tweezing hairs or waxing. No hair removal method that completely removes the hair from the root is totally pain-free, but the result will be completely worth it, without all the hassle of other hair removal techniques.

Most threading technicians work quickly and can shape and sculpt your brows in a matter of minutes, so any discomfort you may experience won’t be for long. Ensuring that your skin is pulled tight in the area the hair is being removed prevents unnecessary discomfort. If you need a break during your threading session, don’t hesitate to ask your threading technician! After all, our eyebrow threading technicians are understanding and want to ensure the best experience possible for you. We’re sure that once the session is complete and you see those perfectly sculpted brows in the mirror, you’ll walk out of our salon brows forward and chin high.

Why Chose Brow Arc?

It seems that beauty trends come and go as quickly as the seasons. Pencil thin brows are no longer all the rage – and eyebrow threading is the perfect way to achieve the look: Perfectly sculpted, full eyebrows with just the right arch, and don’t worry, we understand that brows don’t always grow back the way the stray hairs do. That’s why Brow Arc carries a full line of beauty products specific to your brow needs – brow powder to fill in any stubborn spots, gel (don’t worry, it won’t make your brows crunchy) to keep unruly hairs in place for those nights you happen to fall asleep on your face, serum to help improve the growth and strength of your hair, and tinted gel to get the taming power of our clear gel with subtle color to fill in any spots with a natural look.

No appointments are needed to get your brows in perfect shape. Brow Arc is proud to have locations conveniently located in shopping malls in the states of California, Washington, Colorado, and Florida. For a location near you, check out the locations page here on our website. No matter where you are, we will be so happy to see you and provide your eyebrow threading, eyebrow shaping, and other threading and beauty service needs.